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  • This book is for those who: - have a desire to raise your creative ability. - want to be distinctive and original in their architectural creative process. - believe in the role of creativity in developing their career. - want to refresh their creative mind. - want to have fun while learning new design methods.
  • If you are one of the above, then this book is yours!
  • After doing the exercises in this book, I want you to be creative, innovative and original architectural design ideas, that is why I ask you not to check this book as you check your newspaper, I want you to draw each exercise more than one time, each time you wil notice that your creativity levels are going up significantly!
  • These exercises are not magic! Rather, they are laws, experiences, and a summary of the experiences of successful creatives, presented to you on a plate of gold. All you have to do is implement what is in them with interest. So are you ready?
  • In the book, you will find a lot of creative exercises that will develop your architectural creativity, a lot of tips, guidelines and mechanisms that are related to the production of ideas. And many motivating sayings from successful architects and designers, and let us remember that those who perform serious practice may exceed and surpass the talented.
  • Creativity doesn't mean that you create something out of the nothingness! but it means your ability tp turn some old knowledge to a new synthesis, or simply by generating a new ideas by compsing some old ideas in a new way by using your imagination.
  • So, it is all about using your brain and giving it some more time, the more you can imagine, the more creative you are. This is the mission of this book, to make you imagine as much as possible, Try to get crazy, to fly out of our world, to go out of your comfort zone, and remember, the biggest aim is to have fun!

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📚 Creativity Exercises for Architecture Students

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