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πŸ“¦ Digital Membership Benefits

βœ… Getting shoutout (repost +story) on our social media accounts.

βœ… Discounted access (20% discount) to the illustrarch's digital products.

βœ… Get a faster support about our design & social media service.

βœ… Monthly exclusive newsletter.

βœ… 1-1 Direct communication channel for illustrarch.

βœ… Join our supporter only social media chat rooms.

βœ… Member only Discord server access. (Soon)

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⬇️ How will you access my membership benefits?

After subscribing, your wil be added in our email list. For Instagram feed shotout, you'll receive submission form. After filling this form, your work will be appear in our Instagram feed.

⏳ Lifetime Updates

By subscribing this super-ultra-hyper packages, you will receive all of our updates for free, forever.

❓ FAQ for Instagram Shoutout

  • How many images can you send?

One post is one project so you can send max. 10 images about one project. It's Instagrams carouels rule.

  • What types of posts can you send?

You can submit Video (.mp4) and image (.jpg or .png)

  • When will my content be shared?

Your content will be shared within 48 hours after filling submission form.

  • Who chooses the content to share?

Our supporter chooses the content to be shared. In this way, your desired drawing is shared.

  • What kind of content can I send?

Your content must be related architecture and drawing/design. This packages not for advertisement, just reposting your content/design/drawing/process in our profile.

Our other contents: illustrarch.gumroad.com

Email address: contact@illustrarch.com

Blog: https://illustrarch.com

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By subscribing this super-ultra-hyper packages, you get the right to use one person. You can't RESELL, RENT OR LEND the content to third party.



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iA Premium Digital Membership

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