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πŸ“š Architectural Site Analysis eBook | Architecture Student Guide

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πŸ’‘ Learn How To Create Architectural Site Analysis & Context Reading!

What is Site Analysis?

  • Site analysis is a preliminary phase of architectural and urban design processes dedicated to the study of the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site.
  • The result of this analytic process is a summary, usually a graphical sketch, which sets in relation the relevant environmental information with the morphology of the site in terms of parcel, topography, and built environment. This result is then used as a starting point for the development of environment-related strategies during the design process. Site Analysis Wikipedia
  • Site Analysis is one of the most important and effective ways to find a concept. It helps us to think about analysis, form, mass, material, entrance, landscape, and much more.

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πŸ“– The Book Contains

βœ… Context Reading βœ… Site Geometry βœ… Climate βœ… Natural StructureΒ  βœ… Views

βœ… Site Elements βœ… Site/City Building βœ… Built EnvironmentΒ  βœ… Activities

βœ… Ground Relationships βœ… Collective Memoryβœ… LifestylesΒ  βœ… Arch. Properties

βœ… Structural Situation βœ… Lynch βœ… Soft/Handscape βœ… Axis/Patterns βœ… Position

βœ… Site Philosophy βœ… Position βœ… Tonality βœ… Land Use βœ… Socio-Economic

βœ… Emotional βœ… Transportation βœ… Ownership βœ… Solid Void βœ… Construction Techniques

βœ… Conceptual Models βœ… SketchesΒ  βœ… Collages βœ… Keywords βœ… Heights βœ… Noise

βœ… Odor/Pollution βœ… Futuru Scenarios βœ… Surveys

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πŸ“š Architectural Site Analysis eBook | Architecture Student Guide

411 ratings
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