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  • This very short eBook aims to give you a really brief idea about the space design process in architecture and doesn't aim at all or claim that it will make you a master of the space design, But at least hopefully it may help in guiding you - in parallel with my other ebooks- to think from a wider perspective about the architectural design process.
  • "Architectural Space Design Principles" is a compelling e-book that meticulously traverses through the multidimensional realm of space design in architecture, unveiling the secrets behind creating enthralling, functional, and sustainable spaces. Tailored for architects, interior designers, students, and aficionados of architectural design, this e-book stands as a beacon of knowledge, inspiring and guiding its readers through the essential principles of spatial design in the contemporary architectural context.

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✅ Space Design Definition

✅ Space Design Principles

✅ Gathering Information

✅ Spatial Relationships

✅ Space Design Schemes

✅ Tips and Tricks

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📚 Space Design Principles eBook | Architecture Student Guide

115 ratings
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