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πŸ“¦ Architecture Starter Kit

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🌴 Optimize your architecture adventure!

  • Step into a world where your architectural dreams transition seamlessly into reality with the Architecture Student Starter Kit! Tailored with precision and a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of architectural studies and practice, this digital toolkit is your passport to an enriched learning and design experience.
  • The Starter Kit, steeped in professional insights and cutting-edge resources, emerges as an indispensable asset for students navigating through the intricate pathways of architectural education and early career stages. Whether you’re meticulously crafting your first design, exploring the theoretical underpinnings of architectural concepts, or aiming to dazzle through a polished, professional portfolio, our Starter Kit stands as your steadfast companion. Meticulously curated to bolster your confidence and equip you with a spectrum of resources, it paves the way for a future where your designs become synonymous with excellence and innovation. Engage with a platform that doesn’t just support your educational endeavors but propels you into a realm where every architectural dream is within your grasp!

🀩 Packages will be constantly updated and new ones will be added. Stay in touch!

πŸ“¦ Architecture Starter Kit Contains

βœ… 250+ Portfolio Templates [TEMPLATE]

βœ… 2D/3D Rendering Box [ASSET BOX]

βœ… 3D Models Box [ASSET BOX]

βœ… 3D Scenes Box [ASSET BOX]

βœ… 1000+ AutoCAD Blocks Box [ASSET BOX]

βœ… 2000+ Architectural Textures Package[ASSET BOX]

βœ… 10 Architectural Cover Letter Templates [TEMPLATE]

βœ… Architectural Diagrams with Photoshop Video Course [VIDEO}

βœ… 150+ Architectural Photoshop Brushes for Drawings [ASSET BOX]

βœ… 15 Post Architectural Instagram CV/Profile Template [TEMPLATE]

βœ… 20 CV/Resume Templates [TEMPLATE]

βœ… 20 Architectural Presentation Sheet Templates [TEMPLATE]

βœ… Architectural Concept eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Precedents Analysis - How to Read Buildings? eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… The Brief in Architecture eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Creativity Exercises for Architecture Students [EBOOK]

βœ… Architectural Site Analysis eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Architectural Diagrams eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Presentation Boards eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… 50 Tips for Architecture Students eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Space Design Principles eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… All In One Portfolio Checklist [INFO]

βœ… Conceptual Models eBook [EBOOK]

βœ… Architectural Component Pack [ASSET BOX]

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CV/Resume Templates
AutoCAD Blocks
2D/3D Rendering Elements
Architecture Student Guide eBooks
3D Scenes
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Video Course
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πŸ“¦ Architecture Starter Kit

8 ratings
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